Why MiViewer ?

Easy to use DICOM Viewer

MILLENSYS Dicom Viewer "MiViewer" is a very easy to use general dicom viewer software to view multi-modality images and cine-loops using the same software. MiViewer can load images from dicom CD or from any other media e.g. HDD.

MiViewer includes the basic tools that any user will need to view a dicom study , from case navigation tools (multi-format display, scroll trhough the case, view multipls series , ..etc. ) , to , image viewing tools (e.g. zoom,pan,WW/WL , invert , rotate, .etc.).

For Multi-Frame (Cine-loops), MiViewer can view multiple loops and play/stop navigate in the loop , ...etc.

Miviewer is condidered a simple viewer for daily operations, For more powerful viewing, visit Vision Tools MultiView workstation site.