Web based Customer Human Resources Management System


Web based Human Resources Management Solution

Maximizing workforce productivity and minimizing employee turnover is an optimum goal to any organization. Human Resources professionals manage the human capital of an organization and focus on implementing policies and processes. They can be specialists focusing in on recruiting, training, employee relations or benefits. Recruiting specialists are in charge of finding and hiring top talent. Training and development professionals ensure that employees are trained and have continuous development. Developing compensation structures, family leave programs, discounts and other benefits that employees can get.

With MILLENSYS HR web application, you can manage your workforce in an optimum way using multiple tools and features including personell management, time attendance and smart payroll management .

Personnel Management

Manage Workforce

  • MILLENSYS HR | Personell Module handles employee master data the includes recruitment data, qualification, previous experience, scientific qualification and rotation,promotions , incentives , social status, performance reports (annual - quarterly - monthly),Vacations, penalties, irregularities, absences, training courses and termination of service, calculating leave balances for the new year for employees and preparing the pension form and all the data necessary to deal with the various personnel affairs, also supports the attach system all employee files by type and can be displayed at any time.

Time Attendance

Better Workforce effeciency

  • The system provides an effective tool for managing and monitoring operations of attendance and departure of employees for all departments of the organization and dealing with "Fingerprint, magnetic cards ..." devices thus enabling efficiency and time management in terms of demonstrating actual transactions of attendance and leave to follow the internal regulations of organization, then the administrative decision by the specialist after displaying the actual data , processing (the result) and consequently the effect on salaries

Payroll Management

Satisfied Employee , Better Organization .

  • Automating all functions of the payroll department , so that manual work is replaced with paperless operation by providing the possibility of calculating all the deductions granted to employees throughout the month whether wages , salary or else, and follow up all types of rewards or deductions to or rom employees per month and the possibility of issuing a statement of variable remuneration for each individual. As well, calculating taxes, insurances per person per month automatically as well as the work of financial settlements for all employees.

Business Intelligence / Reporting

Data Analysis and Reporting with Business Intelligence capabilities

  • The reporting is based on user defined fiscal periods that include yearly, quarterly, weekly, daily and as well as user defined free period.

    The reporting cover all the consolidation needs forĀ  the companies, countries and branches levels with the ability to translate from local currency to any other currency and also the ability to translate from main country currency to any other currency in cases of multi-national and multi-companies consolidation.