The state of the art HTML5 Viewer for tablets.

Vision Tools Workspace Zero Viewer "Zero" is a state of the art HTML5 based PACS viewer , very easy to use and optimized for all clinical and home viewing of images in a PACS environment to view multi-modality images and read/write reports for a wide range of mobile tablets or smart phones.

The Zero viewer is working as independent of INTERNET browsers (i.e. working with INTERNET explorer , Firefox , Google Chrome , Apple Safari , Opera Browser )

or operating systems (i.e. Apple iPAD , iPhone , android tablets and mobiles, windows, Mac and other operating systems).

Combining Vision Tools MultiView with MILLENSYS Cloud PACS "Vision Tools Workspace" decreases the diagnosing time through the powerful included tools leading to an increase the productivity of all the users dealing with PACS.

ZERO Features

The state of the art HTML5 Viewer for tablets.

  • Manage studies aided by multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies asap.
  • share studies with other users on the web
  • Send studies to PACS server or CD/DVD publishers from anywhere
  • View studies with multiple hanging-protocols
  • View static, multi-frame and dynamic images
  • Fast zoom /pan adjustments
  • Window level/width adjustments with multiple pre-stored presets
  • Color adjustments for colored images
  • Measure distance , area , density and angles
  • View cross reference series localizers
  • Interactive triangulation for CT and MRI studies
  • View Dynamic studies with Cine-Loop features for play-back controls. zoom/pan and windowing.
  • Support for multi-frame images generated from modalities (e.g. CathLab, Echo ultrasound, Doppler Ultrasound, Angiography/ Floroscopy X-ray)
  • Cine loops processing while playing (e.g. zooming, windowing, … etc.)
  • Built in Reporting tool to read and write reports
  • Read / Write clinical notes.
  • Speed up Reporting by selection from multiple reporting templates
  • Do verification and save reports directly to Workspace PACS or MiRIS RIS .