MILLENSYS unified eHealth Platform

All-in-one solution for enterprise healthcare

Why MILLENSYS unified eHealth ?

Unitifed , Scalable , integratable Platform for the enterprise.

MILLENSYS Unified eHealth Solution

Unique Platform

Complete suite of applications and modules for better health care service

MILLENSYS ehealth solution is a unified electronic health care management platform for better quality of care and operation excelense .

Consisting of multiple applications and modules that are seamlessly integrated , the solution is considered as a unified platform for all users of healthcare software ranging from electronic health record "EHR" to handle patient medical , clinical , financial and administrative data , vendor neutral archive "VNA" to hold all documents , images and reports generated from all departments in the hospital or medical center, Financial back end application "ERP" to handle all financial bills, invoices and calculations, inventory , supply chain and human capital management .

the solution is powered by a set of tools to leverage the value delivered , such as CRM application to deal with customers "patients" and suppliers , mobile applications to engage both patients and physicians with the service provider .

With all the millions of records and data registered to the solution , an integrated business intelligence tool is used to build KPI "key performance indicators" dashoard screen to ease monitoring, analysis , forcasting and management of the whole solution from one place.

The unified solution is of best value for regional ehealth projects , telemedicine applications , hospitals and primary healthcare units automation.

Value for every one

Create and deliver a value for all stakeholders

MILLENSYS, All in One Healthcare Solution

The Only Unified Solution to run a professional healthcare organization

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