Home Care Solution

Unified Platform for hospitals, healthcare providers and national health services to achieve remote home care / telemedicine services for faster and better patient care at home

Why MILLENSYS Home care Software Platform ?

The unified platform for delivering and managing care at home

  • MILLENSYS home care solution is a unified software platform to deliver healthcare at patient's home including a powerful web based electronic medical record " EMR " with telemedicine capabilities plus multiple mobile applications for patients , physicians and nurses .

    The solution includes modules for video / audio conferencing for tele consultation between both patients to doctors and doctors to doctors, billing , web portals and data analytics ) plus integration with wearables , medical devices and kits for vitals measurement.

    The workflow starts when patient books an examination or home visit and when being examined , data is being acquired from the home kit medical devices (e.g. ECG , Pulse , Glucose , Blood Pressure, Temperature , SPO2 , ...etc.) as a store and forward to the unified medical record including all reading .The data are then available to doctors and service providers that can use video conference to interact with patients in real time or can contact the nurse or healthcare worker at home to follow up the prescription or treatment plan .

    MILLENSYS homecare software is considered as a complete end-to-end solution for healthcare providers to diagnose and treat patients at home.

Home Care Mobile Applications

Using MILLENSYS Health Wallet Mobile Apps

  • MILLENSYS Health Wallet is the patient's first tool for getting a home care service, in which, Patients can book new visits or exams , find out the nearest or best physician or healthcare service provider for their specific needs, Track appointments and keep track of their medical record and paid bills.

    The Health Wallet is built as a general purpose mobile application for tele-health applications where healthcare providers can use it with their own brand and logo as a private mobile application for their patients network.

    There are multiple mobile applications for the unified solution inlcuding applications for patients , physicians and nurses.

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Wearables and Medical Devices Integration

Vital signs and diagnostic measurements at home

  • The software integrates with multiple wearables ( e.g. smart watches ) and home kit medical devices for measurments of vitals (e.g. ECG , Pulse , Glucose , Blood Pressure, Temperature , SPO2 , ...etc.).

    Even mobile diagnostic devices like ultrasound or xray can be supported.

    The integration works in transparent way such that data is transmited directly to the physician and stored at the patient medical record in the bundles EMR backend solution.

Electronic Medical Record , EMR

Using MiClinic EMR back-end Platform


Completing the workflow and getting paid for the service.

  • The solution is using a unified billing system. Thus the administrator can generate multiple financial billing reports for

    • The number of cases being diagnosed and service prices.
    • doctors and nurses participation percentage and their charge.
    • Detailed views of data and images being stored at the server.
    • Claims and integration with e-claims facilities

    All the statistical reporting features are user defined so that all the users can edit and design new statistical reports anytime.

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Key Advantages

The unified platform for homecare healthcare providers

  • Unified Management: it is capable of managing the complete operation of any homecare healthcare provider or unit from patients booking , physician responses and prescriptions , nurses home vists and home stays plus the financial backend mangement for billing, claims , inventory and human capital management.

    Faster Diagnosis: it offers almost instantaneous transmission biosignals and medical images, allowing doctors to diagnose and treat patients quicker and provide better healthcare

    Improved consultation: Remote medical services give doctos and service providers the ability to collaborate and derive the best treatment method for the patient. Second opinions can easily be reached from a sub-specialist without having to transfer the patient

    No shortage of Consultants : Many hospitals and medical practices are experiencing shortages in their consultants and experienced specialitiy doctos, especially during holidays and night shifts. Telemedicine helps practices do more with less staff because doctors do not have to be on-site to interact with patients. This saves time and allows them to perform their functions more efficiently.

    Improves home care: patients can get healthcare services at home with short visits or long home stays from both doctors and nurses.