Why MiClinic EHR ?

A smart Solution for a total management of Hospitals and Healthcare service providers

MiClinic EHR is an Enterprise healthcare management platform for managing electronic health records , workflow and productivity improvement application for any hospital , medical centers, eHealth applications and any healthcare service provider,

MiClinic EHR handles patients scheduling, admittance, billing, examination procedures and results, prescriptions, reporting, accounting and material management as well as a full back-office financial management including financial reports, general ledger, account receivables, claim management, account payables, supply chain management and human resource management.

MiClinic EHR manages all transactions of outpatient clinics, in-patient "Bed Management" , operations and pharamcy. it has also special modules to handle radiology and laboratory departments .

With MiClinic EHR as a web application, you ease installation, support in the enterprise environment and boost connectivity with any other systems wither in cloud or on premise.

MiClinic EHR is part of MILLENSYS unified eHealth platform , so you can combine EHR , ERP and VNA / PACS in one native solution to handle clinical data , imaging and financial data as well .

Why MiClinic ?

  • It is a total management solution for the whole healthcare service provider organization.
  • It is Web based and support multi-lingual that can work in a cloud and on premise.
  • it is a single application with a single database architicture for all modules (clinical , financial and imaging)
  • It has a single node web administrator for all the solution.
  • it works with any device , PC , tablet , mobile phone , ...etc.
  • It Supports multi branch organizations for both clinical and financial analysis.
  • It has a seamless Integration with MILLENSYS VNA "Vision Tools Workspace VNA" .
  • It can integrate with any other PACS using HL7 standards. Read more »

MiClinic EHR, Key Modules

Complete Workflow management with only MiClinic EHR.

MiClinic EHR, Electronic Patient Record

Unified place to hold all patient medical and financial data .

MILLENSYS , MiClinic EHR / EMR and Practice Management System

One Solution , Complete

Total management for enterprise

MiClinic is designed as an enterprise workflow management application , enabling managing multi-sites .

Users can schedule patients among different sites and branches, share resources in the enterprise, manage consumables and supplies from any location , bill patients and stakeholders, handle and track medical reporting of patients from anywhere.

Integrating MiClinic with MiERP | Financial as a back-office Financial manage system will complete the workflow and increase the efficiency and productivity in managing financial aspects, account receivables / payables and inventory items and suppliers and also efficient human resources management .

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Built for the Enterprise

A smart Solution for a total management of healthcare service provider organizations

MiClinic is considered as an ideal single GUI Application for all operators, clinicians, nurses, radiologists, cardiologists, technicians , home viewing and telemedicine operators.

MiClinic is working as independent of INTERNET browsers (i.e. working with INTERNET explorer , Firefox , Google Chrome , Apple Safari , Opera Browser ) or operating systems (i.e. Apple iPAD , iPhone , android tablets and mobiles, windows, Mac and other operating systems).