Health Wallet

Powerful Mobile Application for patients to engage with their healthcare providers and more


Health Wallet

Book a clinic, radiology scan or laboratory test in ease


Health Wallet

Patient can track vital signs, prescription and medication of his visits


Health Wallet

Native built in Video and Audio conference between patient and doctor


Health Wallet

View radiology images and reports plus laboratory results

Why MILLENSYS Health Wallet?

An Innovative Mobile Application for patient engagement, telemedicine and virtual hospitals

MILLENSYS Health Wallet is a smart tool to keep patients engaged with their health care service providers, in which, Patients can book new visits or exams , find out the nearest or best physician or healthcare service provider for their specific needs, Track appointments and keep track of their medical record and paid bills.

The Health Wallet is built as a general purpose mobile application for tele-health applications where healthcare providers can use it with their own brand and logo as a private mobile application for their patients network.

Patients can login with their pre-registered account , request new examination or appointment , pay for the service using different payment methods such as credit cards and others, track their requested examination status all the way from scheduling till complete ,

Patients and physicians can enter in a virtual visit " as in telemedicine and virtual hospital " and start communication with a native and built-in video and audio conference in the application without needing any external tool.

Patients can attach any old prescription or medical reports with their new booking request to help physicians track their medical history and find the best diagnosis to their case so that they can propose the best treatment plan for them.

Solution Overview

Connectivity and workflow

MILLENSYS Health Wallet mobile application workflow


Built for the patient

My Medical Record , and more ...

The patient health care service quality is the major aim of any healthcare

service provider. So , MILLENSYS Patient Portal is the right solution to keep patients linked to their health providers all the time .

Patients can view their medical reports and images from the mobile application as well as more clinical information on their case

Patients can track their vital signs , prescription and medication through their app .

They also can keep a copy of their medical record including previous examinations , radiology images and reports , laboratory , prescriptions and medications on their mobile phones.

with the Mobile app. patients have also the ability to make reviews and send feedback regarding the provided services for the healthcare provider to leverage their quality of service.

The Application can work with any of MILLENSYS eHealth platforms whether in hospital , radiology scan center or laboratory . it also can work with any third party EMR through standard integration methodologies. and it supports both on-premises or cloud installations.


And for the healthcare provider

Our Patient satisfaction , and a better healthcare service.

as a known business fact, Acquiring a new customer will costs more than maintaining an existing one and also, Loyal customers are likely to give free word-of-mouth advertising.

There comes MILLENSYS Health Wallet mobile application that enables the health care service provider to keep patients linked to their facility , providing this service to their patients increase the satisfaction and loyalty of the patients which leads into a better healthcare service quality and sustained market exposure , leading to better profitablility at the end.