Why Vision Tools Gview ?

Basic NM Workstation with many features.

Vision Tools Gview is a very powerful and scalable acquisition and viewing station for nuclear medicine modalities for archiving, publishing on CD/DVD, processing and printing of NM images.

The Gview station can be connected to any type of NM machines whether it is dicom or non-dicom "using video grabbing or ACR/NEMA interface" as one of the important features of the Gview station is that it can convert the non-dicom modality into a dicom one providing many features of image archiving and processing.

Using the Visual filming tool the user can print a complete formatted film in just view seconds to any DICOM printer or even to an A4 / A3 windows paper printers.

Vision Tools Gview

Basic NM Workstation with many features.

Archive Management

  • Support DICOM Store SCP/SCU and Q/R SCP/SCU.
  • Archive/Manage studies aided by multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies asap.
  • Import studies from CDs or USB flash disks or other portable media.
  • Create DICOM CDs/DVDs with built in Viewer for any studies in the work list.
  • Multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies on the fly.
  • Scan Images from any attached film scanner and save it into current study.
  • Send studies to any other DICOM server or device.


Image Management

  • View studies in multi display format.
  • View static and dynamic studies
  • Do windowing, zoom/pan, annotations, multiple measurements.
  • View SPECT studies in motion with playback controls.
  • Adjust color palettes (i.e. heated and metal , ...etc. )
  • Reconstruct SPECT studies to view sagittal, coronal, axial, ..etc.



  • Produce fancy looking print-outs on films or papers whether on DICOM printers or normal windows printers with the ability to design free film formats and templates, print true scale images, ... etc.
  • Visual Film Designing and operation (Visual Filming on Screen, What u see is what u print).
  • Film Template Designer (Free format).
  • Visual processing of images on film (e.g. window, zoom, pan, filters, measurements, etc.) .
  • Printing Films on both A4 paper printers and DICOM printers.

Video Grabbing Interface

For Non-DICOM nuclear medicine modality, the best interface will be Video grabbing, by which, the Gview workstation aided by a remote keypad can acquire images from the nuclear medicine modalities one-by-one.

ACR/NEMA Interface **

MILLENSYS Xlink gateway is a system that accepts ACR/NEMA 1.0 images [Raw Data] from any Toshiba X-Series CT Scanner [Xpeed, Xvision, Xpress, ....] and Toshiba MRI [FlexArt, VisArt, ExcelArt,...] transferred using the [Xlink] protocol and convert it to DICOM 3.0 format and  insert the patient study in Vision Tools system directly in a transparent way. The solution is very innovative in that Toshiba X-Series machines only transfer images using ACR/NEMA 1.0 format, this format is no longer supported by newer DICOM 3.0 compatible stations.


  • No need to use frame grabber cards to grab the images from the modalities [no raw data only 8 bit].
  • All images converted with our MiXlink gateway uses all the resolution of the raw data [12 bit, 16 bit]  
  • The system accepts multi modalities connected to the same MiXlink station

** Interface available only for Toshiba Non-DICOM CT, MRI, NM Modalities