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The PACS Workstation of choice

Why Vision Tools MultiView ?

The PACS Workstation of choice

Vision Tools MultiView is a powerful stand-alone PACS workstation for viewing, processing and managing medical images from different modalities (FDA 510K cleared).

With its archiving capabilities, static and dynamic image viewing, variety of processing tools, printing features and reporting, the Vision Tools MultiView application can be considered as an ideal solution for most doctors and users who need to increase their daily diagnosis productivity aiming to an improve of the provided patient healthcare service.

Vision Tools MultiView suites almost all of the daily activities of any physician in a low cost of ownership and high content solution that is scalable to any organization.

Stay up-to-date with MILLENSYS automatic updates feature that keeps the Vision Tools application updated to the latest version with new features and bug-fixes.

Combining Vision Tools MultiView with MILLENSYS Cloud PACS "Vision Tools Workspace" decreases the diagnosing time through the powerful included tools leading to an increase the productivity of all the users dealing with PACS.



Archive Management

  • Support DICOM Store SCP/SCU and Q/R SCP/SCU.
  • Archive/Manage studies aided by multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies asap.
  • Import studies from CDs or USB flash disks or other portable media.
  • Create DICOM CDs/DVDs with built in Viewer for any studies in the work list.
  • Multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies on the fly.
  • Scan Images from any attached film scanner and save it into current study.
  • Send studies to any other DICOM server or device.


Image Management

  • View studies in multi-monitor configuration with automatic/manual hanging-protocols for comparison.
  • Do windowing, zoom/pan, annotations, multiple measurements including density and true scale viewing.
  • Process scan-lines, pilot images, cross reference lines and triangulation for CT studies.
  • CT number measurements including region identification.
  • Spine Labeling (vertebrae Annotation).
  • Full support for enhanced CT and MRI studies.
  • Support for CT 2D triangulation.
  • Advanced MPR/MIP for orthogonal, multi-oblique, curved, cross curved and spiral reconstruction of CT studies.
  • On the fly 2D and 3D Triangulation for CT studies.
  • Generate new slices from different angles Snap and save them to new series with just one button click.

Cine Loops Management

  • View Dynamic studies with Cine-Loop features for play-back controls. zoom/pan and windowing. spacial filters can be included while playback.
  • Support for multi-frame images generated from modalities (e.g. CathLab, Echo ultrasound, Doppler Ultrasound, Angiography/ Floroscopy X-ray)
  • Cine loops processing while playing (e.g. zooming, windowing , embossing, edge enhancement, rotation, … etc.)
  • Cine export to DICOM, AVI or MPEG. Including only part of the cine
  • Snap shot images from cine loops and storing them on related studies


  • Produce fancy looking print-outs on films or papers whether on DICOM printers or normal windows printers with the ability to design free film formats and templates, print true scale images, ... etc.
  • Visual Film Designing and operation (Visual Filming on Screen, What u see is what u print).
  • Film Template Designer (Free format).
  • Visual processing of images on film (e.g. window, zoom, pan, filters, measurements, etc.) .
  • Printing Films on both A4 paper printers and DICOM printers.


  • CT number measurements including region identification.
  • Smart scan lines and pilot/reference image for CT/MRI studies.
  • 3D Reconstruction and analysis for CTA.
  • Spine Labeling (vertebrae Annotation).
  • Full support for enhanced CT and MR.
  • Support for CT/MRI 2D triangulation.


  • COBB angle measurement
  • Spine Labeling (vertebrae Annotation)
  • Image stitching for Full Leg/Full Spine
  • True Size Display/Printing
  • Non-Linear Windows LUT
  • Film template designer


  • Support of 5MP / 10MP medical monitors.
  • Mammography Hanging protocols
  • Mammography CAD overlay
  • Auto crop of image surrounding
  • Smart inversion of image without background

Nuclear Medicine

  • Support for static, dynamic and multi-frame NM studies
  • Nuclear Medicine viewing protocols with color palettes
  • MPR for dynamic studies (e.g. Heart, Kidney, Liver, … etc).
  • Tile NM multi-frame studies over display.

PET/CT (available in the 3D module)

  • Image Fusion for PET/CT and other modalities.
  • SUV Measurements
  • High-quality GPU accelerated MIP, MPR and 3D visualization
  • Fused PET-CT images displayed in a single view
  • Rapid image navigation using only mouse clicks
  • Multiple and user-defined PET color maps and CT presets
  • Rotating 360° 3D MIP view of PET, CT and fused volumes

MPR / MIP **

  • Orthogonal MPR , multi-oblique MPR , Curved MPR , Cross curved MPR , Circular MPR
  • Thin/Thick Slab MIP “Minimum and Maximum Intensity Projection” with customized selection of processing region
  • MIP mode supports MinIP, MaxIP, Average.
  • Generate new series with customized slice thickness and no. of slices.
  • Save generated series to current study.
  • Interactive Triangulation.

Advanced 3D Visualization and analysis **

Advanced 3D reconstruction for CT, PET/CT studies can be applied ,with multiple features for volume reconstruction , vessel analysis, virtual colonography, calcium scoring and PET/CT fusion

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CAD Overlay

Display CAD SR overlay with any DICOM image.

Image Stitching

Stitch CR/DR images to produce single long image in an easy way.

Modality DICOM Worklist

Modality DICOM Worklist " MWL SCU "

Retreive DICOM modality worklist from any RIS / PACS server . This eliminates the need to re-insert patient information again before starting examination and acquisition . This add-on is for non-DICOM modalities in a RIS , PACS environment.

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Report with Voice Dictation

  • Built in advanced reporting tool to write reports , select from normal templates and update just the abnormalities.
  • Insert images in the report.
  • compatible with Microsoft word.
  • Voice dictation feature to dictate reports with voice to speed up the work.
  • Included Web based reporting tool with templates to ease reporting from anywhere and any device (e.g. tablets and mobiles).

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