Powerful template reporting with disctation for radiologists and medical professionals

Why MILLENSYS Reporting Solution?

The Template Reporting Application of choice

MILLENSYS Reporting Tool "MiReport" is a tool designed to handle all type of reports whether it is template based "normal and abnormal for each exam of a modality" or a structured report using choices and selection from a database or knowledge base.

MiReport is designed to be integrated with any of Vision Tools products and MiRIS to write professional reports in few seconds, also it is an important item of the RIS environment.

The application can include variety of predefined normal and abnormal reporting templates for almost all examinations to ease selection and speed up report finalization.

MiReport is very helpful in PACS/RIS environment to automate the workflow of report dictation, typing and distribution inside the imaging department.

Dictation / Speech Recognition

Dictating and transcribing reports from anywhere

  • The system supports digital dictation, with the integration of dictation microphones to facilitate the editing of voice notes.
  • Sound files from dictation are stored in the system until final validation of a report. Optionally, these sound files can be kept for a user-definable period after validation.
  • The system provides the physician a user-friendly way to start the dictation, while start previewing of the case with one click to start viewing and recording voice notes
  • Using Foot pedals , the transcriber can listen to the dictated report and write it back to be ready after that for verification from the doctor.
  • The application can be integrated with multiple speech recognition systems for faster report dictations.

Report from VNA or PACS without RIS !

More Flexibility to report from anywhere

One of key advantages of MILLENSYS reporting is that it can work without the need for a whole RIS application .

Using Vision Tools Workspace PACS , the user can write/dictate reports from the PACS itself without even installing a RIS in the facility .

Also, reports can be written from any device , not only PCs, as the application supports writing reports from Tablets , iPAD and even smart mobile phones and it can work with any tablet whether it is running on iOS or Android or Windows, ..etc.