MiClinic RIS

The best radiology Information system for total management of radiology departments from workflow , reporting , billing , claims , material management and many more ...

Call Center

Booking patients has never been easier

  • Supports Inbound and Outbound calls registeration , Scheduling, enquiries (service price, information, branch location…), results checking, delivery request, complaints…
  • User can select the activities which will be available for inbound\outbound calls and add them to the inbound screen
  • User can look for the calling patient if already registered before with name, phone number… and can create a new record for new patients.
  • Call duration will be calculated once the user press on in\out call button
  • Call queue dialogue shows the requests send to the system via patient portal and mobile apps


Scheduling and Admittance of patients at the radiology reception

  • MiClinic RIS handles all patient check-in/out issues from reservation to admittance (job orders). registration is done based on MILLENSYS Visual reservation feature which facilitate and shorten the reservation time. the receptionist view all reservation in the day visually with updated status for scheduling, admittance, in progress and completed. For Arabic or multilingual names, MiClinic RIS is provided with an automatic learning dictionary to translate names entered from local language (e.g. Arabic) to English. This enable entering patient name in Arabic at the RIS and dealing with the same patient name in English at the PACS


DICOM Modality Work list distribution

  • Using the Dicom work list/MPPS feature, MiClinic RIS is capable of handling all modality work-lists so that patient data entry is done only once at the reception and then operators or technicians on the modalities can retrieve the reserved patients (work list) and proceed with scanning. Each step in scanning is transferred to the MPPS server in order to update the status of the study on the MiClinic RIS visual reservation terminal.


Advanced Reporting with Voice Dictation

For Easy and professional Reporting

  • Built in advanced reporting tool to write reports , select from normal templates and update just the abnormalities.
  • Insert images in the report.
  • compatible with microsoft word.
  • Voice dictation feature to dictate reports with voice to speedup the work.
  • Included Web based reporting tool with templates to ease reporting from anywhere and any device (e.g. tablets and mobiles).

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Billing and Claims Management

Billing to patients and insurance firms

  • The Key issue in differentiating RIS systems is their accounting and financial management capabilities. MiClinic RIS handles multiple payment categories from direct payment, credit, insurance, etc. Multiple ways to track the cash flow inside the radiology department. Accounting reports for performing, referral doctors and insurance companies.


Material and Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory management is a very important module in all radiology information systems. each study needing any items (e.g. contrast media, bandages, Alcohol, ...) must be withdrawn from inventory and should update the price of the exam if it is not included already. At the modality room, the operator should have a RIS terminal to manage work lists, job orders and inventory. Also, the Inventory controller should print outputs from items added, returned, wasted, etc. MiClinic RIS can do all these features in an easy and professional way.



Single Node web administrator

  • MiClinic RIS supports huge data of patients, exams, machines, performing and referral doctors, insurance companies, different procedure prices and price lists.

    MiClinic RIS also supports distributed database topologies for multi-site organization or centralized database for hospitals and radiology centers.

    Using a single node web administrator makes MiClinic RIS an enterprise yet easy solution to manage and service.

    Using the Web design ease the installation, maintenance and operations of MiClinic RIS. MiClinic RIS handles radiology departments or radiology centers with multiple branches in a flexible way that can let the administrator on the main branch to control all data entered for all the branches.



Patients Portal

Easy access to medical images and reports from anywhere

Allow patients to access and share their imaging results between facilities, physicians, specialists and other healthcare providers. Vision Tools Workspace patients portal provides a secure portal that allows patients to play an integral role in their medical care and helps reducing costs of producing CDs/DVDs and printing of films and papers.

Referring Physician Portal

Easy Access to patients from anywhere

Referring physicians and clinicians need access to their patients imaging results and data to provide more responsive patient care.  Vision Tools Workspace portal for referring physicians provides a zero-footprint vendor-neutral image and report  viewer that uses a web browser to ease the accessibility  to imaging data and patient information by on-site or remote clinicians.


The power of connecting to the world

  • The most important part to complete the workflow of the digital solution in any hospital is the Integration between all solutions inside the hospital (i.e. PACS, RIS, HIS, ..etc.). Vision Tools Workspace provides multiple methods for integrating the PACS with the real world through
  • URL integration , very easy and no strait forward integration method
  • WADO integration , requires WADO compatible systems.
  • HL7 integration , more advanced and requires HL7 compliant HIS or RIS systems.

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ERP Financial Management

Complete financial management modules

  • MILLENSYS ERP , MiERP , is a web based modular software solution for enterprise business management and automation of customer related processes in any business that allows variety of companies of all sizes to manage their entire business organizations and daily operations, including financials, supply chain, procurement, human resources, sales and marketing , customer support , ...etc.

    Because this solution touches almost teh entire aspects of the business, the ERP solution collects data to provide you with insights into where you can gain efficiencies, cut costs, or make additional investments.

    from anywhere and at anytime you can access your data, it doesn't matter if you are using a PC, notebook, tablet, iPAD , Android or any smart phone.

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