MiClinic RIS

The best radiology Information system for total management of radiology departments from workflow , reporting , billing , claims , material management and many more ...

Why MiClinic RIS ?

The ultimate Radiology Information System for a total management of radiology operation.

  • MiClinic RIS is a professional workflow and productivity improvement application for any radiology department. MiClinic RIS handles patients scheduling, admittance, billing, accounting and inventory management. MiClinic RIS is including a built in reporting "MiReport" software to help write reports in the most professional way.

    With MiClinic RIS as a web application, you ease installation, support in the enterprise environment and boost connectivity with any other systems (PACS/HIS).

    Why MiClinic RIS ?

    • It has proven record of history and installation base in more than 10 countries
    • It is Web based and Multi-lingual support
    • it has a single node web administrator
    • It Supports both centralized and decentralized environments
    • It has a seamless Integration with MILLENSYS PACS (Single Database)
    • It can integrate with any other PACS using HL7 standards.
    • In a hospital, it can work without HIS (accept direct order from referrals)
    • MILLENSYS provides remote support around the clock from anywhere

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Complete Workflow management with only MiClinic RIS

MILLENSYS , Vision Tools Workspace PACS

Built for the Enterprise

MiClinic RIS is the ultimate Radiology Information System for a total management of radiology operation.

  • MiClinic RIS is designed as an enterprise workflow management application , enabling managing multi-sites whether it is a centralized environment or decentralized.

    Users can schedule patients among different sites and branches, share resources in the enterprise, manage consumables and supplies from any location , bill patients and stakeholders, handle and track medical reporting of patients from anywhere.

    Integrating MiClinic RIS with MiERP | Financial as a back-office Financial manage system will complete the workflow and increase the efficiency and productivity in managing financial aspects, account receivables / payables and inventory items and suppliers and also efficient human resources management .

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