Scheduling / Admittance

Using "MiRIS" radiology information system as a first step for patient scheduling / Billing in radiology

  • Visual calendar style interface for easy and fast scheduling of patients needed for today highly demanding imaging business.
  • Rule based work list distribution for all DICOM and non-dicom modalities.
  • Multi-lingual translation of patient names (e.g. English, French, Arabic) using learn able dictionary.
  • Multiple payment method handling (e.g. cash, insurance, credit, etc..) and Multiple productivity reports for patients, physicians, radiologists, modality utilization, insurance companies balance sheets and inventory items.

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Images can be acquired from modalities with many ways , either DICOM or non-DICOM acquisition

  • MILLENSYS presents a wide variety of acquisition modules to deal with non-DICOM or film based modalities. The following layout describes the connectivity possibilities of the acquisition workstation
  • Powerful DICOM conversion workstations for all non-dicom modalities in radiology, cardiology, Endoscopy and other imaging modalities
  • Instead of old types DICOM boxes, workstations are provided with multiple tools for patient data handling, image and cine loop grabbing, local archiving and processing tools to publish CDs and print on papers and films

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Using Vision Tools Workspace as a centralized archiving platform for all images and reports.

  • Powerful PACS server software and hardware components to handle today's large volume modalities such as multi slice CT and digital mammography units.
  • Rule based routing and compression methods of received images that helps balancing huge load of data.
  • Web administration of both PACS and RIS to ease remote administration from anywhere on the network or Internet

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Using Vision Tools MultiView and 3Dview as a powerful workstation for processing medical images

  • Generate multiple MPR and MIP views and save output to new series Powerful 3D tools for bone removal, CT angiography, virtual Colonography, coronary angiography and vessel segmentation.
  • Display of multi-series dynamic studies with playback controls.
  • Multiple annotations and measurement tools for radiology, cardiology and orthopedic studies.

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Using Vision Tools Workspace advanced viewer as a main tool in image diagnosis

  • Fast loading and cashing for large volume studies to speed-up study display on multiple monitors.
  • Visual hanging protocols for ultimate and rapid diagnosis of large volume multi slice CTs and MRI studies.
  • Easy study comparison on single and multi-monitors configurations.
  • Playback controls for static images, multi-frame studies and cine loops.
  • Generation of slice locater and pilot images for CT/MRI studies.

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Using Vision Tools Workspace advanced reporting as a main tool in reporting

  • Web-Enabled multi-lingual reporting ease report writing or dictation for enterprise and multi user imaging environment.
  • Multiple template reporting compatible with Microsoft Word and built-in word processing enabling dragging images in reports with easy shortcuts.
  • User designed structured reporting templates for special type reporting like cardiology, mammography and Endoscopy.
  • Voice dictation with microphone and foot pedal transcription kits for rapid reporting.
    Speech recognition is seamless integrated with the system.

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Using MiPrint as a centralized DICOM Print server to print on papers/medical films

  • Visual filming for fast printing of images on medical films and papers with drag and drop features and full processing capabilities in filming mode.
  • Dicom Print Server is a module that converts any received image from any modality with only dicom print option enabled to dicom image file, thus enabling storing it to PACS, archive it on CD/DVD , print it to any windows A4 printer and transmit it to Internet for teleradiology.
  • Some dicom modalities have only the dicom print option enabled while dicom Store and other options are disabled by default and require a lot to activate it from the manufacturer. This is an advantage to the dicom print server.

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Billing / Accounting / Inventory

Using MiRIS as a main tool for billing and accounting management of all patients and users of the system

  • The Key issue in differentiating RIS systems is their accounting and financial management capabilities. MiRIS handles multiple payment categories from direct payment, credit, insurance, etc. Multiple ways to track the cash flow inside the radiology department. Accounting reports for performing, referral doctors and insurance companies.

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Web Distribution

Using Vision Tools Workspace to distribute images and reports to all wards and clinics.

  • Web distribution of different patient studies over the web to clinicians inside the hospital and referring physicians outside the hospital ease image and reports access from anywhere around the globe.
  • HTML5 Web based Viewer to view DICOM static and dynamic studies with reports with pre-configured image compression type for fast downloading of large studies over low-bandwidth communication lines.

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Using MiPublisher to publish CDs and DVDs to patients and other users.

  • In film less departments, the need for fast and reliable robot-based CD/DVD publishing solution increases. A solution with minimal user interaction is needed to produce CD/DVD media containing images and reports with automatic DICOM viewer for both patients and physicians.

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Vision Tools Workspace is the long waited state-of-the-art solution for all users in the healthcare sector.

  • Communicating images and reports is highly demanded today and in future between urban areas and reporting facilities. MiPACS enables sending and receiving of images and reports for remote diagnosis and reporting.

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Using MILLENSYS DICOM / HL7 integration server to integrate PACS / RIS and HIS

  • Integration is the key to success in any software solution
  • Imaging departments need to receive scheduling and orders from the hospital reception and transmit reports back to be stored in the patient record.
  • With transparent HL7 broker less integration between PACS/RIS systems and HIS software. Convert the hospital to complete film less-paperless organization.
  • integrating web viewers in HIS software help retrieving patient DICOM images from the HIS.  

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Reliability / Scalability / Security

Vision Tools Workspace is the long waited state-of-the-art solution for all users in the healthcare sector.

  • High system uptime comes from using a reliable software and hardware components an using a non-single point of failure servers and archive media such as clusters and SAN storage devices.
  • In the highly demanding imaging environment, investors want a solution that can grow and fulfill their growing business.
  • PACS/RIS solution is a modular solution that can scale for small, medium and large enterprise imaging facilities.
  • Users of imaging departments need a single login access to all PACS, RIS, reporting and image viewing and processing modules of the system.
  • Roaming profile is loaded on any workstation the user want to access.
  • HIPAA security rules support automatic logging of system daily events to enable tracking of system behavior and prevent security holes. 

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Quality and Compatibility

MILLENSYS is the partner that you can trust.

MILLENSYS PACS/RIS solution is conforming with the needed medical quality regulations like FDA class I, FDA 510K and CE device directives 93/42/EEC. The solution is compatible with DICOM, HL7, HIPAA and IHE standards and rules.

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