MILLENSYS Teleradiology


MILLENSYS teleradiology solution is a powerful web based teleradiology solution as well as cloud based , it is a complete solution for the daily teleradiology business that facilitate remote diagnosis and reporting from anywhere and from any device (e.g. PC, Mac, Tablet, iPAD, ..etc) ,

The Teleradiology solution workflow starts when images are acquired from the hospital, then transferred to the Teleradiology service provider to be distributed to radiologists for diagnosis and reporting, routing the reports back to the hospital and finally the billing system that manages billing to hospitals and radiologists as well.

The solution is built on an Online any where / any time access to images and reports and is designed to work with multiple communication lines (e.g. ADSL/SDSL ,MPLS Lines, mobile 3G/4G networks and sat links). Depending on the type and load of studies to be transmitted, the suitable communication line is chosen.

Why MILLENSYS Teleradiology ?


Faster Diagnosis: it offers almost instantaneous transmission and image viewing, allowing doctors to diagnose and treat patients quicker and provide better healthcare

Reduces cost: it eliminates the travel necessity, this enables radiologists to work from practically anywhere

Improved consultation: Remote Radiology services give radiologists and physicians the ability to collaborate and derive the best treatment method for the patient. Second opinions can easily be reached from a sub-specialist radiologist without having to transfer the patient

No shortage of Radiologists: Many hospitals and medical practices are experiencing shortages in their radiology staff, especially during holidays and night shifts. Teleradiology helps practices do more with less staff because radiologists do not have to be on-site to view and interpret images. This saves time and allows them to perform their functions more efficiently.

Improves rural-areas care: Rural hospitals can easily send their patients images to Teleradiology providers to receive quick and expert interpretation of medical images, all this without the need to over-staff

Solution Overview

Teleradiology Cloud Connectivity and workflow

Remote Diagnosis and Reporting

Using Vision Tools Workspace PACS | Reporting Solution

The Solution depends on using Vision Tools Workspace cloud PACS based application for image viewing and reporting "MiReport", few number of radiologists are being able to serve large number of hospitals and imaging scan centers almost instantly while maximizing the benefits and minimizing the cost..

The solution is scalable and secured to enable remote hospitals to send studies over the cloud , Internet or VPN to the remote diagnosis and reporting facilities, where studies are being reported then sent reports back to the hospitals to be printed locally.

The solution can work either using push or pull concept where radiologists can download studies directly from the hospitals then diagnose and send the report back to the hospital, Or, hospitals can send the studies acquired automatically to the remote diagnosis area to be reported.

MILLENSYS teleradiology solution can be configured with multiple compression methods to enable the best utilization of the bandwidth allocated for the solution. From Lossy JPEG transmission for clinicians to Lossless JPEG and JPEG 2000 streaming for radiologists.

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Completing the workflow and getting paid for the service.

MILLENSYS teleradiology solution is using a unified billing system specially built for the teleradiology solution and not depending on RIS or any other billing application. Thus the administrator can generate multiple financial billing reports for

  • The number of reports being written and its price.
  • Radiologists participation percentage and their charge.
  • Detailed views of images being stored at the server.
  • Quality of service reports : round trip time report for over all reporting time of any study, ...etc..

All the statistical reporting features are user defined so that all the users can edit and design new statistical reports anytime.