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Support Team is always available for our customer requests.

MILLENSYS support is well known by its customer care professionalism. Fast and accurate support makes our customers work safely and get the maximum of their MILLENSYS products. Millensys deep believe in customer support is keeping our support department working day by day to improve the up-time of our products on customer side by applying periodical preventive maintenance, continuing training and after sale support to our customers.

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Remote Support

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Monitoring online our installations around the globe to insure maximum performance and quick online service to our customers. by using the remote service, both of our partners and customers can have support on the fly and reduce the cost of having on-site personnel. Getting direct support from the vendor "MILLENSYS" insure maximum quality of service provided to the end user. Also Remote support program can help in online training's and demonstrations

To get support , you need to download and install a small remote support application and connect your licensed application to the internet. Download Remote Support Client

Customer Loyalty

Targeting maximum customer satisfaction

As our customer base is growing yearly and in different markets, MILLENSYS has unified the use of a CRM application developed based on the MiERP application solution and is continuously measuring it customer satisfaction and providing a pro-active support techniques to prevent problems from happening and given early warning to our customers about the status of their solution i.e. aiming to maximize customer satisfaction and retain more loyal customers.