MILLENSYS Medical Disc Publisher "MiPublisher" is a complete medical CD/DVD publishing Solution for any imaging department in a hospital or scan center that helps increasing Return on Investment ROI due to reduction of film printing and switching to CD and DVD instead. The solution is designed to be transparent with minimal user interactions using touch screen monitor and a dicom store server to receive studies directly from the modalities or workstations and produce CD/DVD with auto CD label printing of Patient and Study Information.

All CD/DVD output include MILLENSYS Dicom Viewer “MiViewer” to enable viewing of the CD/DVD anywhere.

The Pro version of the solution "MiPublisher Pro" includes a DICOM print server to enable printing on A4/A3 printers directly from DICOM modalities.

Publish CDs and Print to Papers to one Node

With MiPublisher Pro , both CD creation and Paper printing are in one application


Features and Benefits

  • Easy and fast operation with touch screen, no keyboard or mouse needed.
  • Automatically records patient studies directly from modalities or PACS workstations.
  • On-demand disc publishing with label directly from modality and PACS workstations
  • Include DICOM images and reports together on one disc
  • Scheduled Archive to automate recording of all studies to disc for backup/disaster recovery.
  • DICOM Part 10 CD/DVD creation with Built in Viewer.
  • Short term archiving of studies on HDD
  • Multi-lingual user graphical interface.
  • Optional DICOM Printing to A4 / A3 Paper with attached laser color printer
  • Optional HL7 support to receive and match patient's study with received HL7 reports.

MiPublisher Gallery

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