Why MiViewer?

Easy to use DICOM Viewer from case navigation tools to image viewing tools

DICOM Viewer

MILLENSYS Dicom Viewer "MiViewer" is a very easy to use general dicom viewer software to view multi-modality images and cine-loops using the same software. MiViewer can load images from any media storage to view a dicom study with all the tools needed from case navigation to image viewing.

For Multi-Frame (Cine-loops) MiViewer can view multiple loops and play/stop navigate in the loop. "MiViewer" is condidered a simple viewer for daily operations.

MiViewer is a single file DICOM viewer Miviewer is a single file application that requires no setup , just click on miviewer.exe and it works, this makes it easy to run miviewer in any windows environment at home or at work , no need to call system administrators to allow you to setup applications as it do not need so .

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A smart DICOM Viewer , for every one

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PACS-DICOM viewer for medical images